Creative Process


It all starts with a concept...

The best way I work is by allowing me to run with a simple CONCEPT, taking the subject of your IDEA and creating a piece of art specifically for YOU. To much direction puts the ART into a box making it difficult to be CREATIVE. Specification is welcome however less is more. I am accepting PROJECTS I feel most artistic with and pieces I can express my creativity.  I'm currently working on WATER COLOR, ABSTRACT & REALISM with a combination or influences in each. The projects that are selected are ones I feel match with art styles I enjoy and that are most fun. Artistic FREEDOM is highly preferred and inspiration comes from the individual idea, however if your idea doesn't match with these styles feel free to inquire regardless. 

To inquire about a project please email me at

If you receive a personal response it's because I like your CONCEPT. From there we will start the PROCESS. I start with a consultation either in person or by phone ( in person is preferred ) there is where we will discuss design, pricing and scheduling. I'm typically booked 6-9 months if scheduling this far in advanced is difficult please check in each month for potential openings. My rate is hourly, I do not give time quotes, projects take as long as necessary to insure quality. 

I am passionate about my art about your art and believe it is important to be honest and thorough with one another. If you have questions ask, as will I.